We have regularly provided legal services to a variety of clients — inside and out of the Federal Government for more than 25 years. Legal services have included working as a Contracts Law Attorney and as a Trial Attorney for Federal contracts law and Federal employment law, representing the United States Army, the United States Air Force, and the Defense Contract Management Agency before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, the United States Court of Federal Claims, and the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, as well as the Merit Services Protection Board, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

We’re part of the Massachusetts Bar, a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, the American Bar Association, as well as its Sections for Public Contracts, Litigation, and State and Local Government.

In addition, we have defended against protests at the Government Accountability Office for the United States Army and United States Air Force and have assisted the Department of Justice in pursuing civil cases while a USAF Acquisition Fraud Counsel for procurement integrity related situations to include procurement fraud, anti-kickback violations, etc. We’ve also provided legal services for our clients on myriad contractual topics/issues from initial contract proposal submittals to award through execution, and finally contract closeout.

We’re there when you need us: We understand your need for speed in responding to your customers’ demands by providing both business advice and legal services, ensuring your proposal content and contractual documentation are responsive to the Government’s and your prime’s requirements, while still working to protect your best interests as a company. We also do our best to respond to our clients’ needs by processing our work within 24 hours from receipt, without compromising our integrity or quality. We work to provide informed business advice and legal counsel, based upon a clear understanding and identification of your key concerns, objectives, and the best solutions available that maintains such integrity and quality.

Practice Areas

  • Bid Protests
  • Contract, Grant and Other Transaction Authority Management Practice and Compliance
  • Contract Disputes Act Litigation
  • Contract Termination for Convenience/Termination for Default proceedings and settlements
  • Procurement Fraud Investigations and Other Government Investigation
  • Procurement Policy Advocate
  • Training

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Our Story

Our Principal Consultant and Owner, Bernice A. (“Bunnie”) Pasternak, was working for the United State Air Force as a Contracting Officer at the time. She had been chosen to attend a 14 week, Advanced Program Management course at the Department of Defense’s Defense Systems Management College (now known as the Defense Acquisition University). She was surrounded by program managers, engineers, and related career fields, but no other contracting people.


Case Studies

Now that you know about who we are, we’re excited to share some case studies with you. Read on for much more about Innovation140 Consulting, LLC and the difference we bring to your Federal Procurement and Contractual Agreements.